Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Riding From Manali To Leh part 1

This post will be your in detail guide of what to and what not to do on your first road trip to Leh via Manali.

We did our Bike trip in a group of three and planned everything on our own. So,one can just follow our experience and fit them according to their schedule.

The only request is to read all the instructions and follow all the suggestions for a fun and enjoyable trip.

Going on an adventure without safety precautions and in detail research is just stupidity and will just ruin our experience of having one of the most memorable days of your life.

So to began with , we started from Mumbai and reached Ambala by Train (Pashhim Exp).
Our bikes were loaded at Bandra Terminals. Please visit the railway department a day earlier to ensure and sort things with your agent.

  1. Documents require to transport your bike via Railway
    • Copy of Drivers Licence
    • Copy of registration book or card
    • copy of owners Identity and address proof (the driver and the owner can be different)
  2. Cost of transporting the bikes via train
    • Bullet : Rs 4500 (380 kg)
    • Any other bike : Rs.4000 (300 kg)
  3. Procedure to retrieve your bike at Ambala
    • You need to RUN to te luggage compartment ask the in-charge to open the doors and then unload the bike by helping the only porter appointed for the job. Failing to reach the luggage box , the train will leave with your bikes loaded in them.
    • Take the bikes to the parcel counter by yourself and show them the receipt given to you while loading the bikes.
The schedule that we followed was as follows :