Thursday, 7 January 2016


The film is a tragedy about a veteran theatre actor named Ganpat "Appa" Belwalkar (Nana Patekar) who has been an acclaimed during his heyday, garnering fame and fortune acting in plays based on various works, especially William Shakespeare's. He bequeaths all of his wealth to his children. However, in his later years, their children's ingratitude leads Appa and his wife to fall on hard times, losing their home and becoming social pariahs.


  • Nana Patekar as Ganpat Ramchandra Belwalkar/ Natsamrat
  • Medha Manjrekar as Kaveri Ganpat Belwalkar
  • Vikram Gokhale as Rambhau
  • Mrunmayee Deshpande as Vidya Ganpat Belwalkar/Vidya Barve
  • Ajit Parab as Makrand Ganpat Belwalkar
  • Neha Pendse as Neha Makrand Belwalkar
  • Sunil Barve as Mr. Barve / Vidya's husband

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Each and every member of the cast here has done a mind boggling job.
And there are no words to describe Nana's job.
Audience can feel the real Ganpat Belwalkar performing the scenes from his plays.
I looked at my right and left during the essential moments of the movie and all I could see is tears in their eyes rolling down their chins.
A 100/100 for Nana.This might be the best performance you will come across this entire year!
Overall 95/100 for the entire cast .

Mahesh Manjrekar had a pretty good idea about his method of executing this film.
There were even rumours about him to cast Mr. Bachchan for the lead part in 2012, so we assume the director has been doing his research and homework for a long time . 

This movie is opted from a classic Marathi play by V.V. Shirwadkar.
Dialogues are the key and the most important element in this movie!
Popular lines from Hamlet,Julius Caesar,Othello and even the Marathi monologues performed within the movie in parts by Nana were written with a spark that left the audience wishing the movie never to end.
Saying that the movie might become a little bit difficult to understand by non Maharashtrians because of its traditional language of dialogues.
So 95/100

The pace of the first half of the movie was a bit slow but this pace was needed to make the audience feel connected to the characters and make them understand the true depth of each character.
A 3 hour film now a days might feel too slow and stretched to some mass of audience out there but we couldn't find any spot in the movie that could have been avoided.

Editing couldn't have been better. There was not a single scene that could have been dropped out of the movie.

Movie revolves around "The Natasamrat" and focuses on his life that goes from riches to rags .
The story is one that we find in about 7 out of 10 household today.
Nana , a well acclaimed play actor wins the ultimate award that a stage artist can get.
But as the time passes he finds lack of respect for him from his children and decides to move out along with his wife.
Story which sounds too straight forward has many twists and turns .
The story progresses along with Ganpat Belwalkar's life.
 each stage of his life is compared with different characters that he played during his reign as an actor.

Go watch this movie for Nana's performance and a heart touching emotional story.
My rating is 4.5/5.