Sunday, 24 January 2016


When Iraq invades Kuwait in August, 1990, a callous Indian businessman becomes the spokesperson for more than 150,000 stranded countrymen.


·         Akshay Kumar as Ranjit Katyal
·         Nimrat Kaur as Amrita Katyal
·         Feryna Wazheir as Tasneem
·         Inaamulhaq as Major Khalaf bin Zayd
·         Lena as Deepti Jayarajan
·         Purab Kohli as Ibrahim Durrani
·         Prakash Belawadi as George Kutty
·         Kumud Mishra as Sanjiv Kohli
                                                                                                                      Source Wikipedia

Performances delivered by every actors in this movie was mediocre however Akhsay doesn’t let the movie’s graph fall.
We can surely call him the new angry young man!
This might be Akshay’s best performance so far.
Apart from him Kumud Mishra’s part of a government official was done pretty good.  
However Nimrat Kaur failed to deliver her best.
Overall 70/100 for the entire cast .

Direction here was nothing to boast about.
Neither negatives nor positives,

Dialogues in the film here just amazing. All the characters here well thought of.
There are some parts in the movie which will directly connect to the hearts of each and every NRIs out there for sure. However most of the key dialogues are added in the trailer.

Screenplay was the key component according to me which helped Akshay’s performance look so great.
There parts in the movie where you might actually get goose bumps.
As I don’t want to give any spoilers so I can’t input much about the screenplay. You need to see the movie ASAP. However the film starts to feel like a drag after a certain extent, the last 20min climax makes it even.

Editing could have been much better. Especially the 3 songs could have been deleted out completely,
The songs slowed down the pace of the movie.
Many useless filler characters were added too. They could have been avoided.

Airlift is based on a real life rescue operation who is the largest of its kind.
The movie starts with Ranjeet Katyal (Akshay Kumar), an obnoxious Businessman living in Kuwait is talking about some deal with the Prince. He doesn't even consider himself as an Indian.  Later he finds out that Saddam Hussain has invaded Kuwait and now Kuwait has suddenly become a war zone.
Looking at 1 lac 70 thousand Indians Ranjeet has a change of heart and decides to save all of them when he has an option to fly out alone with his family. The entire movie is about this rescue operation, how this businessman gets all of 170000 out this hell on earth back to India.

Well you might think that Akshay Kumar has done a lot of similar kind of movies in the past 2 years but you are surely mistaken! This is a unique movie and a must watch!
My rating is 4/5.