Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Asterix:The Mansions of the Gods

Disclaimer: So this is my first anime movie to review, hence bear with my "newbieness".

Plot: In order to wipe out the Gaulish village by any means necessary, Caesar plans to absorb the villagers into Roman culture by having an estate built next to the village to start a new Roman colony.

Humor: The main positives about this movie is its comic lines. Humor is suited both for children as well as adults too can enjoy light humor here.
Animation and Screenplay:  Animation was right up to mark to make it interesting for kids of all ages.
There was no point in the movie when your interest starts to fade away from the movie and all credit goes to the screenplay and animation.

Story-line: If you are aware with this comic strip then there’s nothing here to explain however for those who have no clue about Asterix … for them;

The movie has two sectors of the society, The Romans who are very sophisticated in their living and live a civilized way of life and The Barbarians who live in a small village.

The Roman emperor wants to eradicate this small village but the problem is the Barbarians are too strong with their magic potion to defeat.

Overall: the movie has some satirical angle to it and the director and he writers have tried to compare the plot with today's modern world for example I recall a scene where the slaves of the roman are granted freedom and then the general charges them 15 units rent to stay where their wage was 15 units exact.

Watch this movie with your kids its too much fun!