Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sunsilk Real FM (Review)

A movie produced by Mr.Anurag Basu and directed by Mr. Akarsh Khurana under banner of Ishna Movies Pvt Ltd. Was exclusively screened for Indibloggers on 21st of march 2014.

 Watch the exclusive trailer of the movie here

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The movie revolves around the story of a father who fails to save his radio station and in stress is hospitalized and is in ICU.

Now as the phrase says "The Show Must Go On ." The girl who knows nothing about the business steps forward to get the show started. She with her friends save the radio station and make their parents proud.

The movie showcases the power of  will,how to maintain self confidence,and the spirit of serving your parents what they desrve.

On the whole excellent movie,awesome job by the cast and crew,decent script.