Thursday, 31 March 2016

Angry Indian Goddesses


Covering all the problems faced by today’s women. The film shows characters facing the problem an Indian Women has to deal with. 


·         Sarah-Jane Dias as Frieda Da Silva
·         Tannishtha Chatterjee as Nargis Nasreen
·         Anushka Manchanda as 'Mad' Madhurita
·         Sandhya Mridul as 'Su' Suranjana
·         Amrit Maghera as 'Jo' Joanna
·         Rajshri Deshpande as Lakshmi


Performances by all the actors here were brilliant. I have only one complaint and that is about the overlapping of dialogues. To make the scenes more realistic the actors resorted into overlapping each other’s lines but I think that backfired because the audience is not used to it and was finding it to difficult to understand.

Nothing to boast about the direction was pretty much mediocre. The same as mentioned earlier the overlapping of dialogues was a bit irritating.

Not many great lines written in this movie. The dialogues didn’t have much to do with the character built up of each actor.

Not a single scene in this movie was worth editing out.

The movie covers all the problems and issues faced by a women in todays INDIA.
These problems are spread across 6 characters. However the only problem with the story is all these problems are already known by the audience today ,what people need id solutions. The script doesn’t provide a single solution instead just cribs about the issues.

A better feminist movie is needed in the society today. This not the one which portrays the solutions to any issue. Plus the poor direction.

My rating is 2/5.