Saturday, 4 May 2013



The word itself describes itself completely..

The enthusiasm ,the excitement attached to the word party need not to be explained  

There are two important things that is to be kept in mind while you Throw A Party!!
1 The theme
2 The Menu

Theme of a party depends on the age group of the party members

My favourite theme of a party is….mix and match…

You must be wondering why mix and match….

Just one reason…I don’t need to focus on dressing up…the weirder I look , I am more into the theme

Now talking about the menu…

The most important element of a party (at least for me :P)

Cooking for a party sometimes become a little hectic…

Ready to cook packets available in the market serve this job efficiently….

But the problem is…the one you find in your general store is quite expensive and is added with a lot of preservative

 But this issue is now solved!!!

Kitchen of India…. A leading brand has now started to produce ready to cook meals

Veg or non veg

Sweet or spicy

Your wish...

You select and u purchase an item from more than 200 options available…. 

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