Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Univer"Cell" Sync

As the name suggest this showroom is really a universe of cell phones.
I visited the store on a Saturday ...being a busy day ,I still was able to find a staff member for my personnel guidance..
That too a staff member with correct and higher end knowledge about the cell phones!!!
U can't find such staff in any other store for sure!

Now about the store..
This futuristic store had almost all the brands of cell phones..from Xolo to IPhone everything...!
Not only cellphones but also its accessories were arranged in quite a fashion there.
In most of the showrooms u get to see only dummy models of cell phones but here u cud have a live experience with any cell phone u need!

Moreover the cell phone were not sorted according to brand ..but according to USP of the phone
For instance: All the high end camera phones were kept together....which were separated from the business class phones.
For music lovers its a must visit destination!
Varied brand of Headphones ,earphones,headsets,sound shooters ,speakers all at one stop!!
Over all experience was awesome....will visit the store again soon....
Why Universal Sync?
Unique loyalty program touching over 150,000 customers every month
• Only mobile phone retailer member of Best in class after-sales support
• First mobile phone retailer in India to launch SYNC SQUAD, a tech support team to offer device setup support at customers' doorstep
• 24x7 technical helpline for preferred customers First mobile retailer to introduce 'live' stores
• Over 40 live devices at 150 flagship stores enable a holistic experience
• First Indian mobile retailer with ISO 9000-2001 certification.
• The retailer who provides with pioneered Theft Insurance – over 80k customers per month.