Tuesday, 21 October 2014

There is more to India than you think!

When we try to recall our contribution to the world the first thing that pops right onto our mind is "0".

"Yeah! We Indians Discovered 0".

Don’t you think it is about time to get passed "The Ultimate 0"?

Let us start talking about the most recent achievement that India has proudly gained by the hard work and determination of the people at IISRO.

Yes indeed, I am talking about the Mars Orbit Mission (MOM).

After the satellite reached the destined orbit many facts came up and went viral on various SNSs and 

Communication media like it was the cheapest mission that cost only 450crore INR, it was cheaper then what Hollywood took to make a film about space, it’s per km cost was less than what an auto rickshaw costs in India etc.

But the fact that mattered that is “how was the mission accomplished?”  was never known.

I tried to understand the launch mechanism of the satellite but a lot of things went just above my head.

However all that I could understand is at NASA, they used a high thrust launcher which cost them a lot more money whereas ISSRO decided they would use some extra law of physics or some extra equipment together with their old launcher so as to lower the cost of the mission.

And guess what ISSRO used?

We used “gravity”.

What can be cheaper than free?

Now you would be thinking how can we use gravity to escape the pull of gravity?

But here is what happened…

We used Earth’s gravity to gain velocity, Sun’s gravity to maintain the projectile and Mars’ gravity to enter it orbit!

Image from Wikipedia

I used to think all the multi-national companies would get their data feeding and other clerical work done by Indians but then I read that more than 750 companies have setup their “Research and development cells” in India..
The core center of their innovation is INDIA!

The chiefs of Google and IBM are Indians, not from Indian Origin but Pure Indians, who went through the same education system that we did.
There are 75000 American employees and 150000 Indian employees in IBM

“Jan Gan Man” - The national anthem of India was selected as the best anthem across the globe.

We have one the seven wonders of the world here in India!

So next time you say India it is not just the “0”,not just the Bollywood, not just the cricket team…..
There is certainly more to India than you think!

Similarly Lufthansa is more Indian than you think!

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