Saturday, 18 October 2014

Kya aap apne Bacche ko deti hai poshtic aahar?

The title of this page is from a very famous add of some milk suppliment which i dont remember.

I am sharing a very sad story of a 2 and a half years old of my neighbour.
my neighbor has 2 kids both are of roughly same age.

I think one is 4 and other is 2 years old.

It was a Monday morning their parents are both working so they leave them to a baby sitter early morning.

The younger one had just learnt to open the door.(Yes he is so young.)

The baby sitter went into the kitchen for some work as she claims leaving the infants alone in the hall.

The younger one went inside the bathroom opening its door and sat inside a bucket as always so as to bath.

Accidentally someone had left the geyser on (I dont know who) .The geyser was on for more than 1 hour.

Now he turned the tap open.The hot boiling water fell directly on his tiny fragile body and all he could do is scream.

The sitter heard his scream almost after 20 seconds and rush into the bathroom.

The older one (I dont know how he got the idea at this young age) barged into my apartment for help.

We immideatly called an ambulance and then called their mother.

 At the hospital she reached in tears and all worried about her child.

The doctor concluded by saying his 80% of the body is burnt and it will take a months period to recover that too if he is in intensive care.

Now that whole month i saw her at hime holding the kid in her hand and never leaving him away from her sight.

She also had to quit her job for the same.

I could see the heat faced by the child was getting transferred to her .

More the pain he felt more she wept and fell ill. 

She had fever rising up and falling down periodically..

You must be thinking where is the father in all this.He too was worried (obviously) but according to me,the pain a mother goes through when her child is hurt cant be compared to any pain. 

I could even listen to the child screaming and shouting for days and could just imagine the pain he is going through.

(I cant display the images because it would be a violation to their privacy but I was shocked seeing them .I literally got froze for 5 seconds or so. )

Children are the joy of the family.

If they are sick no one in the family can enjoy anything in their life.

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