Monday, 17 November 2014

My dream 24K home with Porcelanosa

Building a home is surely one of the most complicated as well as important jobs of life.

And only few get what they had in their mind.

This job is made much simpler for us by and

24k living provides us with amazing apartments from 1bhk to 4bhk at amazing rates and aminities.

Porcelanosa provides with the furnishing of the flats.

From flooring to the complete furniture u get it all here.

I always had a dream that my house would be one like we see in Hollywood movies…with beautiful textures on the walls and glossy finish on furniture but thought it is not possible to get such designs .

I was wrong though. Porcelanosa’s products reminds me of the movie Titanic..

Everyone remembers the first class lounge and the hotel shown in the movie!
Yeah its that great.

And talking about the options, there are more options than you can imagine of.

Porcelanosa gave me a choice of selecting from their products and build my dream home.

When I visited their website I literally got Goosebumps ! The products available there just reminded of a house in some Hollywood movie. Yes that elegant and sophisticated!

My selection from the website…


    This includes all the sections as of the walls, floor, textures etc.
    The wooden finish looks amazing! 

    2. Kitchen

    According to me kitchen should be as simple as possible but with the same time it should have a classic finish!


    I am not a bathtub guy…I need a shower that’s for sure! If I have this bathroom in my house I would never get out of my house! :P 

    Awesome shower !
    This will make me forget about all my tension and reduce my stress for sure!

    4. Sanitary

    Sanitary-ware is important for me. Although I don’t have many specifics about it, it’s still important. Essence-C is perfect according to me. Nothing too fancy but you can definitely marvel at the graceful design .

    5.  The wardrobe

    Wardrobe I think is more of a necessity than just a luxury item.
    I need a spacious wardrobe looks do matter a bit though.

    6.The closet

    And lastly this closet… My first reaction after seeing was “OMG!” .It is so amazing!
    Everyone wants a closet where you can walk around and try on your cool stuff and you get a hidding spot from everyone when you want to spend some alone time:P

    So this completes my entire selection.It isn't everything but all the needs which I care for.
    I know its not so easy to achieve this dream so fast but its not so bad to dream big!

    This post has been written as a part of Indi-Happy hours  on Indiblooger in association with Porcelanosa

    Hope you like this post!