Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Bring Back the Touch

Everyone says love between two partners fade after certain amount of time.It doesn't matter ,even if you had felt "she is the one" ,the relationship often turns to boredom after a while.
In India this is seen the most.
The boredom is caused because of routine lifestyle that is the same job , the same food, the same talks “how was work” gets boring enough to rift the lovers apart.
A couple is married for seven or eight years . 
They get bored of each other (by bored I mean the love between them fades gradually) and which results into extra marital affairs.
This is true for both -husband and wife.
I am no relationship counselor or an expert to give suggestions or advice on “how to save one's marriage” but I think trying is all that you need here.
That one touch like your first date…
One flirtatious line that you said for the first time while asking her out is worth trying again.
But first you need to awaken your sensual self. Touch, feel, caress, discover, #BringBackTheTouch
This try can literally  #BringBackTheTouch
Every couple needs to try to bring back the lost spark of their relationship.

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