Sunday, 8 March 2015

The people I Look up to!

The word optimism recalls me of a rhythmic story. A story of this girl molly

Molly was a happy monkey almost every day.
She had a happy attitude. She had a pleasant way.
She didn't let the little things in life make her upset,
And things that got her down, she found quite easy to forget.

But one day her luck changed, and it seemed everything went wrong.
She tried to keep her smile, but she just wasn't quite that strong.
She thought things would get better, but they kept on getting worse.
It seemed the life she knew had just been thrown into reverse.

Her favorite friend at school was gone. She had to move away.
And making matters worse, she lost her bracelet that same day.
Molly forgot her homework, and she couldn't turn it in. 
Then after school, she missed the bus. It seemed she couldn't win.

As Molly walked home from her school, she couldn't help but cry.
So much was going wrong and she could not understand why.
The next day was a bad day too, and Molly missed her friend.
She wondered if her awful luck was ever going to end.

She tripped and ripped her skirt in front of everyone at school.
The kids all laughed and pointed, making her feel like a fool.
She got a drop of ketchup from her burger on her shirt.
And at the water fountain she got soaked with a big squirt!

So many bad things happened, Molly almost cried once more,
but something odd occurred to her that she could not ignore.
The bad things that were happening weren't really all that bad.
They just seemed so much worse because she let herself feel sad.

When she saw just the bad things, life made her feel very blue.
It wasn't just her luck that changed, her attitude changed too.
An optimistic attitude can make a better day,
so Molly changed her outlook and her sadness went away.

She laughed at all that happened and her smile came right back.
And things seemed pretty good again. Her life was back on track.
Her happiness brought her new friends who loved her pleasant cheer.
She learned to laugh when things went wrong. That gave her less to fear.

She let go of the little things, just as she used to do.
And even when things went wrong, she was happy through and through.
Her life was much more pleasant, but it wasn't life that changed.
It only was her attitude, that Molly rearranged.
She saw the good in life and found that life was to enjoy.
A little optimism brings the world a lot of joy.
-by Wes Fessler

So as the moral says,never to lose hope.
I personally think you haven't lost your battle unless you yourself accept your defeat.
And accepting defeat is losing every last inch of hope to succeed.
I dont know whether i am politically correct or not but according to me in this world the biggest example of an optimistic person is Adolf Hitler.

As we all know after the First World War Germany was at its back at the wall in every aspect of their society.

Leading such a country (though I DONT like his approach) needs next level of admiration and determination to work hard for your country.
Determination rises only with a rise in HOPE!

You can never learn anything from a success story, if you want to learn something listen to their failure stories.

Another great example of an optimistic person is Thomas Edison.
Thomas Edison failed for more than a thousand times after which he finally found the correct element for the bulb.

"I have not failed. I've just found 1000 ways that won't work."
Thomas A. Edison

Trying for thousand times needs sheer love and true determination for your work.

And who can forget our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi.

Great people have reached to their heights by their determination and hard work.
And the key factor to add to their strength to keep them going was OPTIMISM.

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