Sunday, 15 March 2015

My Most Memorable Day #Together

Throughout life I have had many memorable events. The memorable times in my life vary from being the worst times in my life and some being the best, either way they have become milestones that will be remembered forever.
As described in my earlier post my relationship with my grandmother is not a usual one.

Having a single dad I was bound to lack motherly feelings, but my granny never let that happen.

I consider my granny as my mother itself.

It was some years back, she started feeling a little sick. Had constant fever. Gradual rise and fall in temperatures.

Didn’t gave a much thought and got an appointment to a doctor who practiced just nearby.

He gave her the regular medicines and we returned back home.

But her health didn’t change.

I clearly remember an incident which happened.

My granny was in the bathroom brushing her teeth I was in the room next to it.

The door of the bathroom was a bit open.

I saw her getting all dizzy.

I ran to hold her, as soon as I held her she fainted in my hands.

I was just 15 at that time. I screamed for my brother to call the doctor immediately.

We got her admitted in the hospital where the doctor took some tests.

The results showed positive for dengue.

And the doctor right in front of me told my dad that the WBC count is lower than 7000 (for which I googled a normal person has WBC count in millions).

The doctor said that things are not in his hands completely.

His words were “chances of survival are too low”.

Listening to him saying these , I was devastated.

I got into instant tears.

All the memories started to flash right in front of my eyes.

The ward boy standing next to me said “Yeh rone ka waqt nhi hai beta,jaake blood bank main B-ve ka inquiry karo”
(translation – its not the time to cry ,go and inqure for a B-ve type of blodd in a blodd bank”

So my brother started visiting blood banks at 8 pm.

And I was trying to find a donor amongst my friend and family.

It was God’s blessing or mere luck don’t know but a person in his twenties called me saying he was a 
B negative type of blood group and he got my number from one of my school friend.

Gasping in tears I told him to come at the hospital as soon as possible.

He reached within 10 minutes a later got to know that he was already on his way when he called.

The doctor did his job by transfusing the new WBCs form the donor to my grandmother, now all we could do is pray.

Didn’t sleep at night was just waiting for doctors report.

Next morning the doctor rushed in early and hugged me tight saying “there is nothing to worry, she will recover her health in few days till then she needs rest and good diet”.

I was so relived at that moment of time. And happy tears started rolling all over my face.

She is now fit and fine.

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