Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A great end or A new beginning?

Finally its over!!!
After Four years of great struggle its done!
No one can take it back from me!
Yeah... I too graduated as an IT engineer today!
Today was the last exam of my final year of engineering.
During the exam I had to answer 12 questions .
You could literally see from number 12 struck down to number 1.
As we have a new years countdown.
Those attempted questions were like a new life* countdown for me.
As soon as I finished answering the last answer , I stroked down number 1 and made it to "BE IT engineer" !
That awesome feeling when you overcome a milestone after facing and tackling hundreds of hurdles is amazing!
There were 15mins still left for the bell to ring and I started having flashbacks about the college days that I enjoyed.
Most people have one graduation college but I have the pleasure of having two.
I still remember the first days of both my colleges.
But then a thought crossed my mind.
Are the days of fun and rejoice all over?
Now I too will have to start taking responsibilities .
Now I too will have to start taking life seriously.
All the night outs with friends ,those Xbox games  ,all over.
The thought of a monotonous life with a nine to five job started to haunt me.
All of u sudden the examiner said "you can leave now"
Which sounded to me as if she is trying to say "you can finally leave the college and start with your boring life"
Now am thinking ...who knows the new life might not be that boring.
People around me are just over exaggerating.
Like they said when I entered engineering "Engineering bohot tough hai"

But I will surely miss my college days and the friends that I made there.
Hoping for the best for everyone's future ...
Signing off
For the first time
--Engineer Yash Shah :)