Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Stop elder abuse

Thinking about the fact of getting old haunts me as hell!
Imagining myself unable to do my own chores and relying on someone else for my basic chores ...:(

I had read a couple of tales in my school days..

There was a family of 4..
A couple their 15 year son and 85 year old father.

Dinner was setup my the lady of the house.

She took out a set of nice expensive glassware for the dinner.

Severed everyone except the 85 year old father .

It was fathers turn to be served now.

She went inside the kitchen got couple of wooden crooked dishes and served him in the same.

When their son asked the reason.

She explained " He is old. His hand shivers a lot. Glassware is too expensive item for him."

The son didn't question back.

Late that night she found her son making something out of the waste log of wood.

She asked him about it.

His answer was breath taking and mind changing for any human.

He said "I am making wooden plates for you . So that we don't fall short of them"

She realised and went into tears.

The second tale was about ...
A mother sent to an old age home by his young son.

He rarely visited her.

She was in her final stages.

Her son came for a final visit.

He asked her for her last wish.

She replied " please donate some fans in the old age home and if you can please install them too."

Son wondering " Why are you asking fans now? You won't be able to use them."

Mom replied with a kind tone " I was able to bear without fans all my life but when your son sends you here you won't be able to take the heat."

The son was shattered and realised what a big sin he did.

These are some stories which very mildly describe about elder abuse.

I have seen worse.

Wife treating their in-laws as some kind of slaves.

I am getting depressed even while writing this .
How can someone treat their parents like this.

I find such people mentally unstable.

A man wisely said to his young son.
" I am holding your hand now that you need me.
But don't forget to hold mine when I need you."

This topic has not been in picture for a long time now.
With feminist issues,child labour etc now is the time we open up our eyes and start acting wisely against elder abuse.

So this 15th June is the world elder abuse awareness day .