Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Ban Body Odour

So, finally monsoon is here!
We have started experiencing the amazing rains and Creation of a romantic weather here in Mumbai.
But the biggest turn off of this weather is the body odour of your partner...:(
Imagine you and your mate are sitting together on a cozy chair.
Having a cup of tea and listening to the rains from your window.
Suddenly you notice a weird odour emerging from your partner.
What you do next?
Would you move away...OR
Would you continue by resisting and getting comfortable with the odour?
Nivea Has come up with a new product which has got the solution to this problem.
No its not a deodrant!
Its India's first deodorizer!

The basic and the biggest difference between THE DEODORIZER and the normal deoderants is that...
The deodorizer doesn't just mask the odour... But prevents the formation of the smell in the first place unlike the deoderants...which just try to mask the odour by their own fragrance which is for very short period of time.

I attended the #SniffSniff product unveilingevent by BlogAdda in association with Nivea

The event stated with a great session where we were asked to tie a blindfold on our team mates.

These team mates were asked to smell 5 different items and were asked to describe the personality of a person bearing such smell.

 The same session continued with some points which are very much usefull for avoiding bad odour.
The points included:-
Good apatite.
Eating leafy vegetables.
Avoid or less alcohol.
Avoid onions and garlic.

The session explained with the approach towards bad odour and how to confront someone about it.

There was yet another surprise...!
Mr. ARJUN RAMPAL was in the house!!

Had a chat about the same topic and he answered how he deals with body odour.


The meet concluded with a press conference and with the official launch of the product !