Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The path of Zarathustra Movie Review

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A young woman, Oorvazi, born into Zoroastrianism, the religion of her forefathers leaves the isolation of her remote home when her grandfather with whom she lives alone dies.

Oorvazi Irani as Oorvazi

Tom Alter as Grandfather

Rushad Rana as Perseus

Shishir Sharma as Zurvan

Darius Shroff as the Intellectual and Mazdak

Firdausi Jussawalla as Mani and the Beggar

Vivek Tandon as Kardir

Tom alter did a great job!
The central character was played by the  director herself,considering that,I think her performance should have been much better .
Her dialogue delivery in terms of pace was too slow  . There were too much of unwanted pauses during the on going  conversations.
The character opposite to Oorvazi was played by Rushad Rana . He did a fairly good job.
Rest all the characters were played pretty well.

Direction of movie was nothing to boast about but was good (people have  done far better work).

Narration of the movie was done by the director herself and the writing was very elequent and the dialogues of the characters sounded more like you read in a book.

Screenplay was really very good.
With appropriate  lights and decent camera angles,the shots were looking nice visually.
But too much of pretentious shots of d waves and d sun could have been avoided.

Editing of this movie is done excellently. No useless scenes are present in the reel.
Again unwanted scenic shots should have been avoided.

The movie starts at a high point where Tom Alter a Parsi is the grandfather  of our central character is on his death bed .
He gives his grand daughter(Oorwasi) a book. A book with insights on the history of their religion.
But the contents of d book can be explained to her only by someone special.
Oorwasi starts her journey in search of that special person.
The entire story revolves around that book and the people her imagination creates.
Story can be quite confusing for a non Parsi.
However with some basics about the religion the story is written quite good.

The pace of the movie is a little slow but this slow pace is needed by the plot.
Performance by Oorwasi could have been better ,there are no other flaws in the movie .

Rating by me would be 3/5 .