Wednesday, 11 March 2015

I really needed to #StartANewLife

You don't get to see life changing moments very often but...

Getting over your ex is not so easy especially for an extremely emotional guy like me.

As mentioned in my earlier posts. I had this girl in my life. We dated for more than two and a half years.

Things were going smooth.

But as we say too much happiness brings a lot of sorrow, my family didn’t approve of her sounder extreme pressure I had to break up with her.

At this point I know I look like the douche bag here.

But I thought that we would be really god friends as we had a really good understanding between us.

Now eight months have passed and it is finally her birthday.

She invites one of my closest friends but not me. I understand she must have done it to avoid the awkwardness.

However I wish her “happy birthday”.

And the reply I get is a “ty”.

Not even a complete “thank you”, just a tiny little “ty”.

Here is the thing. When we were dating she had told me once “people I don’t care about or are just acquaintance, I reply them in the shortest way possible”.

So all I did was ask her “Don’t you have even slightest soft corner in your heart for me?"

And I get this huge message with all the hidden grudges and a lot more of attitude.

All these months I was under the impression that we are friends and don’t have no grudges about each other.

I was very calm and was trying to find a slightest bit of compassion left for me inside her.

Our conversation went on for hours. It reached to a point where she almost said it.
Those three golden word that no one wants to go through “I hate you”

And I was still wondering what did I do so ugly to take this from her.

And when she finally said “I don’t care, you don’t even exist in my life anymore”, that was it.

I was devastated at this point.

A girl who once said she won’t quit supporting me what so ever happens doesn’t have a slightest amount of love left for me?

It was a turning point in my life.

Finally understood and learnt my lesson .

Never ever expect much from anyone.

I felt like I finally got some closure.

I never had no hatred in my heart for her and will never have, I just can’t. But for sure this conversation has helped me to move on in life and start a new life .


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