Friday, 1 April 2016

Ki and Ka


Follows a young, married couple whose relationship challenges the gender roles placed upon women and men in Indian society.


·         Kareena Kapoor as Kia
·         Arjun Kapoor as Kabir
·         Swaroop Sampat
·         Rajit Kapur
·         Amitabh Bachchan (cameo)


Kareena Kapoor has done an excellent job as usual. She look charming and beautiful as always. However Arjun Kapoor needs to be much more expressive. Even a Zombie might do a better job than he does in this movie. That blank face of Arjun reminds me of the Robot from the ROBOCOP anime.

R. Balki has this speciality of coming up with innovative storylines just like he did in “Cheeni Kum” or say “Shamitabh”. But just like in Shamitabh he failed he execution part all over again. The biggest complaint I have is with the Close up shots. The faces of the characters appear so huge on the scene that you start to feel they might eat you up.

Not a single scene in this movie was worth editing out.Except the entire cameo scene of Mr. Bachchan.

The movie is all about the norms that society follows. As disclosed in the trailers earlier, the story is about a couple with a husband who performs all the house chores and the wife brings home the bacon.
The movie revolves around what society has to comment about this kind of couple and how those comments affect their relationship.
The story sums that it does not depend upon the sex but there is always a stronger and a weaker partner in every couple,

Great story, great writing but poor execution and acting. It is just a onetime watch.

My rating is 2.5/5