Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Laal Rang

A social drama full of black humour set in the milieu of Karnal's blood theft mafia.

·         Randeep Hooda
·         Piaa Bajpai
·         Akshay Oberoi
·         Rajniesh Duggall
·         Ashutosh Kaushik
·         Meenakshi Dixit
·         Shreya Narayan
·         Rajendra Sethi
·         Pushkar Anand
·         Kumar Saurabh
·         Atul Chouthmal

The only great element about this movie is Randeep Hooda’s performance. We have already seen him in “the desi Haryanvi” role. It is the same here, but still he out does his last movie with ease.

I must say the movie lacks in terms of professional direction here. The direction is too mediocre to be that it is not even worth mentioning.

A decent job by the dialogue writers. There are no iconic lines in the movie, however the film doesn’t need great lines too.

I didn’t find any scene in the movie that could have been edited out certainly the editing is not the worst part here.

Speaking about the worst part, here it comes. My expectation for this movie was bit higher than what I saw. The story is nothing but a simple criminal vs policeman movie where the hero surrenders at the end. The portrayal of each character wasn’t clear enough to sort out their importance. Because of the slow pace the story fails to keep the audience inclined towards the movie till the end.

Watch this one if you have nothing to do and have an extra Rs.150 in your pocket or when it gets a T.V. release.   
My rating is 1.5/5.

P.S. This score is just for Randeep Hooda's peformance.